As of last Saturday, you need a corona pass for access to the Food Plaza, the Erasmus Pavilion and In de Smitse. Not everyone on campus agrees with the entrance control. Student Darisha Petronilla (Communication & Media) thinks the measures are unfair. “Vaccinated people can still spread Covid-19, so that doesn’t solve the problem. I think it doesn’t make sense that they don’t have to get tested.” She herself was vaccinated in her home country. “That is not yet registered in the Netherlands, so I don’t have a QR code yet.”

Taking responsibility

In contrast, student Alessandra Doyle (Management of International Social Challenges) thinks the check is ‘a smart way’ to keep the coronavirus under control. Business student Mattia Santagapita agrees. “It’s about taking responsibility. You take responsibility by getting vaccinated. Should you decide not to, you have to take responsibility in another way, which is by getting tested.”

However, business administration student Elisabeth Martin does feel that the QR code check puts pressure on the unvaccinated to get vaccinated anyway at some point.

Not checked

EM‘s earlier article mentioned that as of Saturday, the QR code is required when entering the Food Plaza. Yet, according to students, they are not checked for their corona pass on Monday. Darisha doesn’t mind that at all. “Instead of checking the QR code, I think it would be better if the government continued to apply the one and a half meter distance.”