Economics student Sameeksha Anggarwal notices that it’s harder to find a study spot now that the Polak Building is closed. “Everyone is hunting for a quiet place,” she says. Now that the sun is shining, she chooses to sit in front of the C-hall and read. “But students come and go, so you can’t really concentrate.”

Management student Matteo Pievani usually studies in Polak, but since last week he too has had to move out to the C hall. “I have an exam on the 23rd. It would have been nice if I could have studied in Polak, but I have to improvise now,” he says.

Group discussion

Finding a place to study is actually not too bad, according to Matteo. “It’s harder to find a place where you can talk and discuss with a group together.” Psychology student Gayatri Makijani agrees. “In the Sander building it’s nice and quiet, great to sit alone, but not with a group.”

The library should offer more places, thinks economics student Lakshita Bhatti. “Many students want to study in the library, but you can never find an available spot there.”

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