Polak is closed. Cracks were discovered in the floors and so everyone had to leave the building in a hurry last week. There has been much talk about the construction of the building (the so-called bubble deck) for years, after a similar construction collapsed at Eindhoven Airport in 2017. What exactly is happening to this type of building and why is this national problem not being solved more quickly? And where are study places to be found now? EM editor Tessa Hofland talks in the broadcast with Delft professor of civil engineering Rob Nijsse, who accuses the government of a ‘cover-up’.

Not live

Due to the closure of the Polak building, EM TV is not able to be broadcast live from the studio this week. Therefore, we will record the broadcast from the editorial office of EM. The broadcast will be online during Thursday (so not yet at 9 o’clock as you are used to).

EM TV can be seen every fortnight this academic year via Youtube, Facebook and on this site. EM TV is EM’s weekly news update, normally live from the TV studio in the Polak Building. News, backgrounds, human interest, we keep you informed of everything that happens at the Erasmus University. Every fortnight on Thursday at 9.00 hours live (except for this week!) and afterwards to be seen on the website. Presenters are alternately Tessa Hofland and Feba Sukmana.