At the Opening in the aula, rector magnificus Frank van der Duijn Schouten presented the awards to Uribe Sandoval and Van der Vlies.


Ana Uribe Sandoval ontvangt de prijs uit handen van Frank van der Duijn Schouten. Image credit: Alexander-Santos-Lima

According to her students, Uribe Sandoval, whose subjects include media, fashion and diversity, gives ‘inspiring, challenging and ground-breaking’ lectures. “She sees students as a disruptor and offers them the tools to be open to new ideas in difficult situations and to find their own way,” says the jury report.

Actually, she is receiving the award for the second consecutive year. Last year, all the teaching staff received the award as a token of support during the pandemic. To commemorate that, on Monday an artwork was unveiled on the steps to the campus pond.

Meaning of the past

Tina van der Vlies 2 – De Promotie – Levien Willemse
Tina van der Vlies. Image credit: Levien Willemse

Tina van der Vlies won the Research Award for her research into changing history stories in school textbooks and how they give meaning to the past. According to the jury, good academics analyse problems to make tomorrow’s world a bit better, and Van der Vlies does exactly that. “She provides new explanations for how history stories are told in school textbooks and how that develops over time. She thus has an impact on how teachers and pupils are educated,” says the jury.

Both academics won 7,000 euros and a certification of appreciation, signed by the dean and the president of the Erasmus Trust Fund, which sponsors the award.

More awards

Besides the Education and Research Awards, during the Opening numerous other awards were presented for dissertations, outstanding students and support staff. And this year, for the first time, there was also a sustainability award.