The Ministry has announced the easing of the rules in a new ‘service document’ for higher education. This expressly only relates to exams. For all other gatherings, a maximum group size of 75 students applies.

Social distancing is not required in study areas or the university library, although a maximum limit of 75 students per closed area does apply. That is also the case in canteens and restaurants on campus, unless they are takeaway locations.

Ed Brinksma, voorzitter van het CvB

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Walking routes

Except in large-scale exams, students do not need to keep 1.5 metres apart anymore. Facemasks must be worn in the corridors, however. If students have symptoms, they must stay at home and get tested. The educational institutions must ensure good ventilation and smart walking routes.

The Ministry also wants higher education to help with information about self-tests and vaccination. Students can receive free self-test kits and can also get vaccinated without an appointment.


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Clinically vulnerable

In last week’s coronavirus debate in the Dutch parliament, concerns were also expressed about clinically vulnerable students and staff who cannot get vaccinated or for whom coronavirus vaccines don’t work. The question was will they need to continue studying or working online?

The service document does not say very much about this. In such cases, the Ministry expects universities and universities of applied sciences ‘to arrive at suitable solutions based on common sense and mutual respect’.

coronavirus mondkapje campus

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