This was announced in an e-mail from the Executive Board, which was sent to all students and employees at the university. This follows the announcement by Mark Rutte at the last press conference that most restrictions will be lifted, except for the basic rules (wash hands, sneeze in the elbow and test in the case of symptoms) and the social distancing rule.

These measures will continue to apply on Woudestein as well. For employees, the advice of ‘work from home wherever possible’ is also changing. They may spend a maximum of half their working days at the office, although the university points out that due to the social distancing rule, only twenty percent of the office capacity is available. The university advises consulting your manager about when you can come to campus.

Discounts and Eurekaweek

To mark the lifting of restrictions, businesses on campus are offering special discounts to attract students and employees back to campus. From 1 to 4 July, for example, the Erasmus Pavilion is selling the mixed platter of bitterballen, prawns and nuts at a thirty percent discount, while the Erasmus Sportcafé is offering a thirty percent discount on the entire assortment, apart from alcoholic drinks.

Should you need it, the university also advises contacting the university’s welfare programmes for students (Are You OK out there?) or employees (OpenUp).

The Executive Board emphasises the need to continue testing, also in the new academic year. For Eurekaweek participants, the organisers and student associations have self-tests to eliminate the risk of coronavirus as much as possible. Whether the social distancing rule will be abandoned from 16 August (the start of Eurekaweek) depends on what the government decides. This will be announced on 13 August.


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