Stefan Sleijfer, born 1970, studied medicine at the University of Groningen and was awarded a PhD by the same university. He specialised in internal medicine and oncology at Erasmus MC and has worked as an internist and oncologist at the same hospital since 2004. In 2011 he was appointed to a professorship, and in 2013 he became head of the department.

Sustainability and collaboration

In a press release released by the university, Sleijfer called sustainability one of the main areas he will focus on in his new position. “Considering the major challenges currently faced by the healthcare industry, it is vital that there be a proper focus on both the sustainability of healthcare and the sustainability of the environment in which we live. Research and teaching are essential in helping us address these issues.”

In addition, Sleijfer will focus on more intense collaboration with Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University. “I’m looking forward to contributing to this project from my position here at Erasmus MC, with the joined forces we are acquiring by collaborating with Delft University of Technology and EUR, through research projects that focus on the smallest structures of the cells, all the way to large-scale interventions at the population level and how to convert these into degree programmes for the healthcare professionals of the future.”