Sergio Andreas, first-year Law student

Sergio Adreas
Image credit: Feba Sukmana

“Last week was the first day of my new block. I met my classmates for this block for the first time. I study Law, and it’s a Dutch program, so all my classmates were present. It was exciting. The tutor gave us time to get to know each other and talk before we continued the lecture. I’ve been alone for the past couple of weeks. So I think it’s fine for me to come to an offline class without a test. I haven’t received a rapid test kit from the university yet. If I get the test kit from the university or the government, I’ll do it voluntarily. It’s a precaution that helps to protect people around you. I’m okay with it as long as we don’t need to buy it ourselves. I mean, a test is five euros. If you have to buy it every time for coming here, it does add up.”


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Chiara, master student Public Administration

Image credit: Feba Sukmana

“Before last November, we had most of our classes offline. We only have 25, 30 people in our program, and a lot of people haven’t come to the Netherlands yet. So it was easy for us to go to class in person. In December we had some hybrid classes, but just some of them.

“I like it that campus reopens. A month ago, you couldn’t really find a place in the library because the spots were so limited. But now it’s better. It’s a lot easier to write your thesis when other people are around doing the same thing. I think I’m okay with required self-tests before coming to campus if you have symptoms.”

Pieter Zhao, third-year History student

Pieter Zhao
Image credit: Feba Sukmana

“I’m now basically finalising my bachelor’s, and all my classes ended in December. I came to campus for study spots almost every day in the past months. So, there’s not a lot of change for me. But I’m happy that there are more study spaces on campus now, and Spar is reopening.

“I haven’t received any self-tests yet. We’ve received many emails from the university about the self-tests, but I don’t read them anymore. I’ll do the self-test voluntarily if the university gives me the test kit. If we have to buy it ourselves, it would be a little bit annoying. It depends on how expensive it is.”