“I’m here because women in my country, Mexico, and around the world in general, have yet to fight for their basic rights. I want to support them and let them know that they are fantastic,” said student Ale Ortega. “We have to keep making our voices heard, despite all the limitations in this corona time,” adds participant Mirte. Participant Kanea Blokland: “It’s great to show how powerful women are!”

How can people at home help spread the word? “Be well informed about the issue, educate people through your social media and be aware of your privileges,” says Savannah Nousis. “Make it a daily mission.” Or as volunteer Tran Tran put it: “Every day should be Women’s Day.”

An earlier version of this video stated that Cece Dao was interviewed. That is not correct. Tran Tran was the volunteer we interviewed in this video. Apologies to all parties for the mix-up.