When Daniël van der Does (25) and Miguel Jansen (27) did an internship in the hospital, they realised that everyone there was wearing white work clothes or a surgical suit. Everyone wears exactly the same clothes, except for the socks. “Wearing unique socks is a fun way to express yourself, so we came up with the idea of ​​making our own socks with bright happy colours and medical prints,” says Miguel.


Daniël and Miguel only founded MedSocks a year and a half ago, yet they already support more than twenty charities, such as the Heart Foundation, the Red Cross, the Dutch Cancer Society and the Pink Ribbon. “Last year we raised more than ten thousand euros for good causes,” Daniel says proudly.

Recently they donated socks to homeless people. “It’s something that people don’t think about so quickly, but apparently there is a shortage of socks for the homeless,” says Miguel. “We went to the Pauluskerk to donate four hundred socks in these cold times. The homeless were very happy with it.”

The two friends see more and more people walking around with their socks. Yet Daniel still remembers very well the first time he saw someone wearing MedSocks. “That was at the traffic light at Westzeedijk. There I saw someone on a bike, waiting for the traffic light, with our socks on,” he says. “I got a kick out of it. We made those socks and they are really worn!”