The fourteen Dutch universities decided in mid-January to lower the binding study advice by ten to fifteen per cent due to the coronavirus crisis and the extended lockdown. They did this following requests from various interest organisations and university student delegations. Students were concerned about study delay and stress as a result of the coronavirus.

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University Council asks for more lenient binding study advice due to pandemic

The student members of the University Council would like to discuss a relaxation of the…

Nominal = Normal

First year students have had to obtain all sixty credits in most Erasmus University faculties since 2012. This easing brings a temporary end to this norm. The university spokesperson stated that, in principle, the BSA level would be ‘reduced by at least ten per cent and that students will really benefit from this within the programme design’. In practice, this means a reduction of six to nine credits.

How this is implemented will differ across the university. ‘The precise details will be determined and communicated by each study programme’, stated the spokesperson.