It is very likely that the cabinet will introduce a curfew tomorrow, in an extreme attempt to suppress the second wave of coronavirus. After around 8.00 p.m., in principle no one will be allowed on the street.


In a press release, the LSVb calls a curfew ‘disproportional’. President Lyle Muns: “Students are feeling desperate. I’m seeing more and more students coming to us with problems varying from listlessness to sombre feelings. A curfew would remove their last bit of freedom.”

The union does not think the curfew will be effective. Muns: “It’s already nearly impossible to enforce the current measures. If the police are now required to ensure that everyone stays indoors in the evening, there will be less capacity to tackle the real excesses.” If you want to prevent the spread of the British variant, you should restrict air travel, he feels.

No hard conclusions

The Dutch National Students Association (ISO) understands the concerns of the LSVb, particularly with respect to student welfare. But the ISO is unwilling to draw hard conclusions regarding the curfew. “If people who understand these things have decided that a curfew is necessary to tackle the virus, who are we to question that?” says ISO president Dahran çoban. “I’m not going to speak for the Outbreak Management Team.”

However, like the LSVb, they want physical education to continue wherever possible. Rapid testing and hiring external classrooms and examination rooms could contribute, says the ISO. “And if a curfew is introduced, students must be able to go to lectures.”