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Main car park on campus closed with immediate effect due to tear in ceiling

There is a tear in a ceiling in the underground car park beneath Erasmus Plaza. For that…

The university arranged an investigation into the safety and the cause of the crack in the ceiling plate. According to a spokesperson, the investigation showed that the car park is safe and can be used again. The replacement car park at Mandeville building has therefore closed again.

The crack was caused by a lack of movement space for the ceiling plate. A joint that absorbs concrete expansion and contraction during hot and cold periods did not function properly. “This space proved to have been partially filled. This meant that the structure was unable to move freely and peak stresses occurred that can cause cracks, as in this case,” explained a spokesperson.


Cutting out and repair

The repair works need to start in the coming period, which is why the crack is currently propped up with poles. “The cracked plate will be repaired in situ. A complete replacement of the plate is actually extremely difficult, if not impossible. The approach involves cutting out the cracked section and repairing it,” wrote the spokesperson.