Update Wednesday 16 December: In an earlier version of this article we reported that exams would be solely online after the Christmas holidays. This morning, this turned out to be untrue. All exams will continue as planned.

An exception applies to the exams and tests that were already planned physically. For those, the schedule won’t be changed and on-campus exams will remain on campus.

If really necessary, students can apply to be exempted from the online exam. Those students can still take exams on campus, for example in the exam hall of the Van der Goot building on campus Woudestein or in the buildings of Erasmus MC.

There will also be room for the supervision of students who need it most. For this group, special study places are reserved in the University Library. All employees are called upon to work from home, unless they have to carry out ‘location-based research or work’.

For more information about the rules and exceptions, please visit the special corona information page of the university.