“No further restricting of offline education is an important signal that even in these times, the cabinet continues to recognise the value of education and research,” said the Executive Board in an e-mail on Wednesday evening. In addition to educational activities and exams, the study places on campus will remain available for students. There are also possibilities to work in groups of a maximum of four students. The rules are clear: always reserve your spot, keep 1.5 metres distance and stay at home in case of health complaints.

Online education and working from home are the norm

Small-scale lectures are offered on campus, but online education is the norm. Promotions, inaugural lectures and graduations can be organised, with a maximum of thirty people. Students can pick up their diplomas at the service desk or have them delivered by post.

Employees are urged to work from home unless they need to do location-based work or research. Physical meetings are only possible if it is ‘truly necessary’.

Furthermore, there is an urgent advice at EUR to wear face masks in buildings and lecture halls.

An earlier version of this article stated that all food service establishments, sports and social facilities on campus are shut down. That is not correct. These facilities are limited by the new measures. For example, the restaurants on campus are still allowed to provide take-outs. Erasmus Sport also remains open, although team sports are not allowed with more than four people.