In a letter to the university community, President of the Executive Board Ed Brinksma and rector Rutger Engels clarify: “This stricter health advisory is being given in light of the large number of infections in the region and for health and safety of everyone on campus. The Executive Board attaches great importance to the continuity of education and research and has therefore opted for these stricter guidelines. These are also in line with those of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region.”

Anyone who is going from place to place in a university building should wear a face mask. However, if you are just sitting at one workstation or in a lecture hall, then there is no need to do this. It is not necessary to wear one outside the buildings either. The CvB emphasises in the letter that wearing face masks is an extra precaution alongside maintaining a distance of a metre-and-a-half.

Burgemeester Aboutaleb coronacampagne

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Rules for working from home

The CvB also asks that extra attention be paid to the rules for working from home. These apply to everyone, unless you are physically teaching on campus or carrying out location-based research or work. Lessons and exams that have been scheduled on campus will continue as usual.

Face masks on campus

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