Due to the corona pandemic, the Eurekaweek looks completely different from previous years. But that shouldn’t spoil the fun, according to new students. “The day has gone well so far”, says philosophy student Stefan Abrudan. “I didn’t expect that I could interact with many people.” First-year student Quentin van Unen agrees. “I have lovely guides who took us everywhere and showed us everything.”

Still, some students have mixed feelings. “I am disappointed that it cannot proceed in a normal way”, says pedagogy student Yasmin Janssen. “But it’s still great fun.” Econometrics student Nidhi Soekhlal agrees. “I was looking forward to doing more activities in Rotterdam, but I’m glad they were able to organise anything for us at all.”

The physical program ends at 6 pm. “But I hope that afterwards we can still have a drink somewhere together,” says Quentin. “That would be fantastic.”

Source: www.youtube.com