The parties hope the Culture Campus will ‘contribute to more higher education, culture and tourism’ in Rotterdam-Zuid. It will be a place where people can take classes and conduct research. Most of all, the classes and research projects will be accessible to anyone living in Rotterdam. “The Culture Campus will allow us to forge a better connection with talented Rotterdam adolescents. We’ll definitely need that for the growth and future of the city,” said EUR Rector Rutger Engels.

Iconic spot

The municipal authorities love the idea of higher education making its way to Rotterdam-Zuid. “It will inspire young people living in the neighbourhood to fully realise their potential,” said councillor Said Kasmi, the holder of the Education, Culture and Tourism portfolio. “Moreover, in the long term, the Culture Campus will be an iconic spot that will undoubtedly draw a lot of tourists, which in turn will present residents of Zuid with job opportunities.”

The Culture Campus is being realised in Charloisse Hoofd. The development of the campus is part of a more general development of the area made up of Maashaven Zuidzijde and Park Maashaven.