On Tuesday, the Erasmus Pavilion opened its doors for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak. “Cafés are allowed to use their outdoor seating areas again, so we thought: we might as well open!” Pavilion Marketing Manager Amanda Wijgerse told us enthusiastically. Her team used the time off to deep clean the place and do some DIY. “This allowed us to reopen as soon as we were allowed to.”

The Pavilion complies with all the coronavirus protocols and has adjusted its layout accordingly. For instance, the tables are positioned in such a way that everyone can keep 1.5 metres’ distance. Customers are asked to disinfect their hands at the entrance, and lines have been taped to the floor to indicate where guests can sit or stand. In addition, the Pavilion has installed an outdoor bar, meaning customers don’t have to go inside to order their drinks.

Counting the days

Psychology student Chiara Arkesteijn is a regular at the Pavilion. On Tuesday afternoon she swung by to enjoy her favourite drink at the Pavilion’s outdoor seating area. “I saw on the website that they were opening again. I’ve been looking forward to it so much. I’ve really counted the days.”

For his part, student Li Kuangheng was equally glad to be able to order his beloved latte from the campus restaurant again. “Before the crisis, I got my coffee here every day,” he told EM. “I really hated the Pavilion being closed. I missed my coffee. I literally function because of coffee, so yeah, I’m very glad to be able to be here again.”

Erasmus Paviljoen

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