The easing of corona measures by the government will give the university more leeway for a gradual restarting of physical activities. Since 11 May, Erasmus Sport and the childcare facility have partially reopened. The University Library has also opened from noon to 2 p.m. for the borrowing and returning of books.

318 study places

The university is aware of the fact that many students lack the facilities to study in peace and quiet at home. For these students, 318 study places will be opened in the library. EUR is currently determining rules and guidelines. Students will shortly be able to read those on the website of the University Library.

Online exams

All faculties will hold the remaining exams of this academic year online. Students who lack the facilities to take their exams at home will be able to make use of limited spaces on campus.


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Stay at home

The university emphasises that, even though the campus is slowly opening, students and staff members will still have to remain at home as much as possible. “Working from home will stay a priority until 1 September,” said EB Chair Hans Smits on Erasmus TV last Thursday.