Students “at any rate won’t be travelling during rush hours,” wrote the Infrastructure State Secretary Van Veldhoven in her letter to the House of Representatives. The Cabinet came to this agreement with the universities and universities of applied sciences.

Public transport has presented something of a dilemma in the Covid crisis. In a train or bus, it’s difficult to maintain a 1.5-metre distance at all times. And how can we prevent the virus from spreading during peak hour crushes?

Face masks

The Cabinet has called on citizens to only use public transport for journeys that are strictly necessary. Avoid rush hours. Walk or cycle instead whenever possible. And from 1 June, travellers will be required to wear a face mask.

Universities and universities of applied sciences are already making plans for the situation after 15 June. If they do get the green light, they will determine which groups of students can’t avoid travelling to campus – for a practical or examination that cannot be participated in from home, for example.


In fact, Avans University of Applied Sciences has already drawn up draft examination schedules that allow students to register for possible exams on campus. These plans are subject to the government’s decision on what happens after 15 June.