René Karens is the Head of the Administrative Affairs and currently works from his living room in Schiedam, which he shares with his 3-year-old daughter. In order to keep things somewhat manageable, they have agreed to occupy different zones. “This is the work zone, and that’s the play zone,” he says, pointing to the other side of the living room, which is equipped with a small chair, a toy kitchen and various cuddly and non-cuddly toys.

He himself works with a laptop and an iPad. “I like that combination. It means I get to use my iPad while having a Zoom or Teams meeting. When I switch off the video feature, I can quickly help my daughter if she needs a hand.” Generally speaking, the combination of working and taking care of his daughter is all right, but every once in a while, accidents will happen. “Sometimes my daughter will have to go potty just when I’m in a meeting,” says René. “So, yeah, in situations like that, shit literally happens.” Thankfully, everyone is very understanding now that we’re in the midst of this crisis. “And that’s a very useful quality, which will also help us after the crisis.”