The Binnenrotte market has been closed, and EUR students Quinten Mulder and Jort van Dalen and alumnus Jorrit de Vries think that this is a bad thing, both for the market’s patrons and for the stallholders. “We want the sellers to continue to have some income during these tough times,” Quinten tells us. “In addition, we want Rotterdammers to be able to continue enjoying market produce.” So they established Markt010, an online platform where ‘fresh produce is distributed at market prices’.

Ordering and paying online

Rotterdammers can order and pay for the products on the platform’s website. “We do this so as to minimise contacts between the customers and ourselves,” Jorrit de Vries explains. After placing their orders, customers can select the moment at which they wish to pick up their purchases. “They are welcome to come and pick up their groceries at our drive-through on Tuesdays or Saturdays,” says Jorrit. “Preferably by car, but we accept customers who come on foot or by bike, as well.”

Positive response

A customer swings by on his bike to pick up his groceries: a chunk of cheese and some fruit. He thinks the students’ initiative is ‘wonderful’. “I can’t think of a better way to support this initiative than by actually ordering things.”

Another customer saw Markt010’s post on social media. “Generally I visit the market on Saturdays. Unfortunately, we’re not able to do that at the moment,” he says. “So I’m glad I can now get all my shopping done at Markt010.” The boot of his car is laden with produce. “I bought nearly everything: the box of vegetables, the box of fruit and some raspberries. I hope we’re hungry, because we have to eat all of these produce this week,” he says, laughing.