During the corona crisis, the work of staff at the academic hospital has not gone unnoticed. Many people are showing their thanks by launching various campaigns for the Rotterdam hospital. Most days, the hospital receives flowers, food and even coffee beans. “The attention we’ve been receiving has been wonderful,” says Hans-Peter Schilte, who accepted the cards on behalf of the hospital. “I feel it’s important that the hospital staff know that people appreciate them.”

Sweet messages

Claire Warneke from the boutique Keet, which is based in the hospital, recently organised the card campaign. “People can write their messages on a card and send it to us. We then make sure that the cards reach Erasmus MC,” says Warneke. “We want to do something for the hospital, because we’re here every day and you feel so powerless when you see everything that’s going on in this building.”

The campaign generated over three hundred cards. “They’ve all got really sweet messages on them and some people have even sent several cards,” says Warneke. “It’s really heart-warming.”

Schilte feels that the card campaign is ‘amazing’. “I’m not going to put the cards in one place. I plan to distribute them all over Erasmus MC, so that everyone knows that the outside world supports them.”

Update 01/04: Due to the risk of infection, Erasmus MC has decided not to circulate the cards, but to share the texts with the organisation. The communications department is exploring how this can best be done.