The university stopped teaching on-campus classes and letting students sit exams last Friday. Researchers are allowed to carry on working, but are subject to the same guidelines governing all Dutch people at present: only those researchers whose presence is absolutely required for the success of their research projects are allowed to go to work.

Yesterday the Dutch government tightened the lockdown regulations and extended them by one week. The restrictions will now be in force until 6 April (inclusive). The restrictions also apply to Erasmus University. Lecturers are seeking to continue teaching their lectures and seminars online to the best of their ability, and the university has promised to allocate additional funds to enable them to do so.

On-campus supermarket

The Cabinet decided yesterday that all hotels, restaurants and cafés are to remain closed until 6 April at the earliest, which means that the Erasmus Pavilion and the Food Court have had to close too. The on-campus supermarket, Spar University, will remain open to the maximum extent possible. Please consult Spar’s app for up-to-date opening hours.