The 23-year-old student, who is currently at home and doing reasonably well, acted quickly. The municipal health service is now testing people with whom she had contact.

TU Delft is asking students and staff not to shake hands, in addition to the general hygiene recommendations to wash hands frequently, cough or sneeze into your elbow and use paper tissues.

At the time of writing, eighteen corona cases have been reported in the Netherlands. In Tilburg, where there are two patients, the university has taken slightly less rigorous measures. University employees have been told to stay home only if they have symptoms and visited one of the risk areas.

Corona helpdesk

Erasmus University follows the advice of RIVM. That means that education continues and everyone is welcome. The university does, however, advice people who have been in the area with infections in the past two weeks and who have complaints to stay home and seek medical care. Travel restrictions also apply: students are advised not to travel to areas with red or orange travel advice.

The government has opened a crisis number: 0800-1351. People with questions can go there, although they can also find a lot of information online. The HR department at Erasmus University also has a special ‘corona help desk’. The university’s telephone number and current information about the coronavirus can be found here.