Working as a waiter, a call center agent or a babysitter. How do students earn extra money during their studies? For this episode we traveled to Breda where student Jurre Kluin, also known as DJ Seaze, performed at a student carnival party.

EM_bijbaan Jurre Kluin

“When I participated in a DJ competition, I had to come up with a name,” he tells us about the origin of his stage name. “Because I am very tall, I thought it should be something with ‘size’. So I changed the word ‘size’ to ‘seaze’.”

When he was fourteen, Jurre bought his first DJ set. “I was just interested in music,” says the Marketing Management master’s student. “I constantly listened to electronic music and I thought: ‘I also want to make such music’.”

Being a DJ entails irregular working hours. Usually Jurre performs two or three times a month. “I usually spend about five hours on a performance,” he says. He doesn’t want to mention how much money he makes. “What I can say is that it pays better than most side jobs.”

He doesn’t have a long-term plan yet. “I’m going to graduate first, then we’ll see,” he says. “As long as I do things that I like. I think that’s the most important thing.”