It started in April 2015, the academic told the court. At the police’s request, a psychotic student was detained in her office while the emergency services were on their way to the university. For seven hours, she was told to keep the young man under control, while he was issuing various threats against her. After the student was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital, he kept issuing threats against her.

After the student took the university to court to gain access to his lectures again, he ended up attending the associate professor’s lectures, even though the university had promised her that nothing of the sort would happen, she told the court. Due to everything that happened, the associate professor is suffering a posttraumatic stress disorder.

She lost part of her salary, and EUR does not agree with the conclusions drawn by the occupational health physician, who stated that the associate professor would be absolutely fine in any other workplace, but suffers adverse consequences when she comes to the EUR campus. The associate professor would love to be seconded to another university, but EUR will not agree to that.

On the judge’s recommendation, the two parties will discuss the matter once again, using a mediator’s services. The associate professor will receive her full salary again. The judge asked the parties involved to be notified of the outcome of the mediation.