At Christmas we usually think of traditions such as decorating the tree together, unpacking presents or dinner with family. But do EUR students and employees have less usual traditions as well?

“We usually make a gingerbread house in our home,” says Psychology student Adriana. “Last year my stepmom made too much icing. Given the amount of alcohol we already consumed, we ended up putting the icing on each other’s faces.”And that wasn’t the worst of it. “I have about three hundred photos on my phone of us licking the icing off of each other’s face.”

Student Evelijn also has her own family tradition. “Every year we watch an old Christmas film, Scrooge, with the whole family,” she says. “I have watched the film eighteen times and I know it by heart. But it’s still fun to do.” Tutor Reinier Veldman of ESSB, on the other hand, has a less pleasant tradition. “What we always do during the Christmas dinner is roasting each other,” he says. “We express all of our frustrations of the past year. But after that it’s all good again.” What does his family say about him? “Well, I’m stubborn, don’t listen well and crave for attention. Things like that,” he laughs.

What other Christmas traditions do students and employees have? Watch the video here: