This is not the first action the protest group has organised, and it won’t be the last. Previously, they organised a ‘white strike’, during which academics refused to do overtime. The emails they received were answered by an automatic reply that read: ‘We are too busy to respond to your email quickly.’

Breuker announced his plans as far back as September. He suggested that lecturers might soon stop teaching and marking assignments. If they do, their students will not be able to graduate. The action group is taking this action to make it abundantly clear that the current situation cannot continue, as far as academic staff is concerned. For this reason, the group has demanded that Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Minister for Education, earmark €1 billion for higher education and research.

Van Engelshoven admitted earlier this week that more funding is needed, but says her ministry does not have enough money in its coffers to give the universities what they need.


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