“The students at Erasmus University aren’t the only group at a risk of being robbed,” writes the local chapter of the conservative-liberal party. “This city has multiple buildings that are open to the public.” The VVD wonders which policies the administration follows when it comes to maintaining security in municipal buildings, and whether it is willing to take new measures against theft.

Relevant to the city

VVD Rotterdam group staff member Tadek Badura calls the number of thefts reported on campus Woudestein ‘shocking’. As an Erasmus alumnus himself, Badura remembers similar cases from ‘his own student days’. “We were amazed to hear that these thefts are actually committed by organised groups,” says Badura.

“These incidents on campus are relevant to the city,” he continues. “Since public buildings in Rotterdam are just as accessible as the campus, we believe it is crucial to guarantee visitors’ safety.”

Besides inquiring about policy, VVD Rotterdam also wants to know if any statistics are available regarding theft in the city’s public buildings. The party has also asked the municipal administration whether it is prepared to take new measures to discourage theft.