Students often experience stress and that is a major problem. That’s why the University Library organised the Health Week this week. “Every day we see students studying very hard here and we would like to offer fun activities to de-stress them a bit,” said Kathalijne Smout from the University Library.

Student Eduardo also notices that he has a lot of stress. He likes to study in the library and he’s happy with the activities during the Health Week. “The library is really the nicest place on campus, I feel at home here,” he said. “It would be great if we could do this every day, play games or sit on a massage chair for five minutes.”

According to Psychology student Pleun, the university often uses ‘hippie’ terms when talking about study stress. “Maybe the university should use different words instead of ‘yoga’ or ‘meditation’,”said Pleun. “They can use concrete terms, like asking students to ‘do something about their stress’. I think that would appeal more to students than yoga.”

What happens during the Health Week? Watch the video here: