Reporter Ferayed Hok had never ridden a horse, but it’s not a problem for the student riding association RSR Marcroix. “Everyone, with or without experience, can ride with us,” says treasurer Hannah de Rooij. They even have ‘drinking members’ who don’t (want to) ride a horse, but regularly come to their drinks. Everyone is thus welcome. “As long as you’re a student and younger than 27,” says Hannah.

Every Wednesday evening, starting from 7 p.m., the association takes a ride, after which they have dinner and drinks together. “Now we have many students without riding experience, so they’ll get private lessons later,” says Hannah.

Before Ferayed was allowed to climb a horse, he must first choose a cap. “It could kill you if you fall without a cap,” the treasurer tried to ‘comfort’ Ferayed. Our reporter could ride on Lance, one of the most beautiful horses of the association. “So you have to sit up straight,” Ferayed discovered during the lesson. “Use your feet as a gas pedal and your hands as the brake.”

Wondering if horse riding is really as simple as what Ferayed says? Watch the video here: