Rotterdam Pride is for everyone, and that’s why organisation Resist Their Reignbow protested against the Pride on Saturday. Organisations such as the Pegida and the Roze Leeuw were welcome at the Pride Walk last weekend, and people who are against Islam and women’s rights do not belong at a party for equality, said Resist Their Reignbow.

Still, about 1700 people walked the Pride Walk on Saturday, according to the organisation. The walk is a parade through the center of Rotterdam where everyone can show that they’re proud of who they are. Erasmus Pride, the LGBTQ+ association for students and employees of Erasmus University also took part in this event. President Erasmus Pride Fabian Lips: “It’s important to show that we, LGBT+ people, exist and that we deserve the same rights as everyone else. Not everywhere in the world you can be your true self, even in the Netherlands it’s still difficult for some people. So the Pride is important!”