The new strategy, which will be presented in September, is, according to the Supervisory Board, ‘a reason to reflect on the type of governance the new strategy requires’. The Supervisory Board is responsible for the (re)appointment of members of the Executive Board.

Furthermore, the university states that this reflection has led to the conclusion that Kristel Baele ‘wishes to fully accommodate the outcome’of this reconsideration. “The Supervisory Board and Baele have decided, in good consultation with each other, that she will not serve a second term as President of Erasmus University Rotterdam.”

Baele said she had a good time in Rotterdam: “I have served Erasmus University Rotterdam with a mix of love and passion during the past years. These were fine and intense years where many great things happened and where I have, with others, brought the University to the next phase in its development.  I also reflect on a period of personal and professional growth. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all my colleagues for their fine cooperation and inspiration and I thank the members of the Supervisory Board for the trust they placed in me. It is now time for me to move on. I wish Erasmus University Rotterdam the very best future possible.”