Academic activities and exams will continue as usual at Erasmus University, spokesperson Jacco Neleman confirms.  “Eleven exams are taking place today, including four at Erasmus University College,” says Neleman. He doesn’t expect the strike to majorly inconvenience students doing exams. “In total, around 650 students are involved, most of whom live in Rotterdam.”

Enough time

The university does not expect any problems due to the timetabling of the exams. “The exams are all in the afternoon or evening,” explains Neleman. “In theory, the students should have enough time to get to the campus.”

Normally students are allowed to arrive fifteen minutes late for exams, but for today, the maximum time has been extended to 45 minutes. “If there are any further problems, then it’s up to the professor or the faculty to resolve them,” says Neleman.

Force majeure


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Faculties prepare for transport strike

On Tuesday, trains, metros, trams and buses won’t be operating in most parts of the…

Today, public transport strikes are taking place in most parts of the Netherlands, including Rotterdam. The trade unions are campaigning for a better retirement plan. Despite the strike, lectures and exams at many universities and universities of applied sciences are continuing as usual.

The National Student Union LSV is upset about this situation. The PvdA party is not convinced that all students will be able to arrange their own transport and asked questions about this in the Lower House. Minister Van Engelshoven responded to the parliamentary questions. She expects universities and universities of applied sciences to take the strikes into account if students miss a test or an exam. However, it’s up to the institutions themselves whether or not they cancel lectures and exams.

“Students are also expected to demonstrate some creativity in getting to their campus,” the Minister said. “But if they really end up in a situation of force majeure, then I expect some leniency from institutions.” According to Van Engelshoven,  the university and the students will have to resolve the issues together and consider individual solutions.