Microwave meals are generally available at Spar, but the real challenge lies in heating them up. “The Spar microwave is quite frequently out of service and often there is a big queue in front of it. It is also very dirty”, says Tom, a 23-year-old pre-master student. “I’m sure having more microwaves on campus would inspire me to bring in my own food more often”, he adds.

Savvan, 22, an IBA student, and Lucas, 23, on exchange, agree that the university should place more microwaves on campus. “The breaks are so short and it would be faster for students to eat”, says Savvan. Lucas points out that having more microwaves on campus would enable students to bring their own meals from home with them and that could be a way to reduce waste, since they wouldn’t have to buy their food in plastic packaging anymore.

There is still hope, however. In the basement of the P-building, which is accessible through the side entrance of the Tinbergen building, there is actually a microwave available. The one in the Theil Building was owned by a catering company, and this company has decided to remove it. At the moment, the university does not know whether or not it will be placing more microwaves on campus in the future. The Spar one will remain a hit or miss. At time of writing, it was out of order once again.