The studio of Sophia TV is located on the first floor of the Sophia Children’s Hospital. “Children who feel good can attend the show,” says student volunteer Christiaan. “The other children can watch the show from their room.” He hosts the one-hour show together with a colleague presenter. “It’s a kind of variety show for children. We play games with the children and in the news section, we show what is happening in the hospital.”


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Medical student Christiaan Vermaas shares his experiences as a volunteer at Sophia TV,…


The contribution of student volunteers is very valuable, according to manager Annelies Blom. “They help us with the TV show, such as with camera work, presentation or editing,” she continues. “I really think it’s great that the students do this voluntarily.” Christiaan: “I myself love doing it. The children can really enjoy the show. You can clearly notice that for a moment, they forget that they are sick. ”

In addition to the TV shows, Sophia TV & Entertainment also broadcasts radio shows and organises children’s events in the hospital.