The executive board of the university of applied sciences was so fed up with the false alarms that it decided to suspend the two students for an entire year. According to news site Profielen, the students were de-enrolled from their degree programmes and are not allowed to enter the buildings of the university of applied sciences.


The Chairman of the Board, Ron Bormans, said he has made a point of “cracking down on this sort of thing”. “Students are working their arses off to pass their exams, and we won’t let a couple of malicious people ruin it for them,” he was quoted as saying in a press release. Bormans said he hoped that the suspension would teach the students a proper lesson and act as a deterrent to any other students who might have evil intentions.

It was not the first time an exam was interrupted by an alarm at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Last year nearly 130 students had to re-sit an exam due to an alarm being raised. In 2017, too, 250 students had to pack up and leave half an hour into an exam due to a false fire alarm.

Ron Bormans, collegevoorzitter van de Hogeschool Rotterdam, was niet zo blij dat het brandalarm afging. Source: