The various bizarre acts that one comes across at Stukafest are only half the fun of the student festival. The other half comes in the form of the assorted oddities that surround the event, from the peculiar feeling of entering a total stranger’s home to the tipsy bike rides from one ‘stage’ to the next.

First stop: Maria Madeira, a flexible Portuguese circus act slithered around the room and moved audience members from one side to the other as if we were mannequins, eventually forcing everyone to take part in some intimate partner dancing. The next act was Lewsberg, an indie-band reminiscent of Talking Heads playing in an abandoned elementary school. Lastly, EM was graced by Chronos, a trio of elegant dancers imitating 17th century Baroque paintings in a seductive manner as a means of stirring reflection on the representation of the female body in art. For a taste of all three acts and the whole Stukafest experience, have a gander at the video below.