Jan Rotmans, Professor of Transition Studies at Erasmus University, is one of the initiators of the letter. “The facts speak for themselves: the young activists are right.”

Climate agreement not sufficient


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Academics call on universities to adopt more ambitious climate policies

The Netherlands’ universities need to drastically reduce their greenhouse emissions. A…

The letter is mainly a summary of scientific facts about climate change. But the scientists also call for a more ambitious climate agreement. Rotmans: “The climate agreement (the policy document by the Dutch government) is not enough. It is too voluntary and doesn’t put the responsibility on the biggest polluters: the industry. Therefore, we demand a significant CO2 tax for companies.”

The letter was signed by 350 academics, including thirteen scientists from Erasmus University. Earlier this week, in a different open letter, scientists also called on universities to do more against climate change.

Read the letter (in Dutch)