Name: Kirsten van der Worp

Age: 47

Job description: Senior communications officer at the Event & Project Communications department (4 days a week)

Has been in her current position since: September 2016

What does your work entail?

“Actually, I only work on particular projects. The main project I’m involved in is Campus under Construction, which is expected to run until 2020. Among other things, I write the construction newsletter to keep staff and students updated on all sorts of permanent and temporary changes, ranging from the renovation of the Tinbergen Building to the relocation of bike racks and the filling-up of the pond. In short, all sorts of things related to construction and renovation work that might inconvenience staff and students.

“Another project I’m involved in is the distribution of Christmas hampers. I’ve succeeded Diana Hoek, who did this for the longest time, in that position. We start working on our hampers as early as June, when we ask suppliers to submit proposals, albeit with some input from us. These proposals are then assessed by a ten-person team. I then ask each of the university’s departments how many hampers we will be needing. This year we needed some four thousand hampers, which have to be distributed by staff in the Theil Building on 18 December.

“Finally, I’m involved in the HeartBeat Festival, held annually in September. There’s three of us who determine the line-up, and I particularly try to get members of staff to attend the festival.”

Do you spend a lot of time at your desk?

“About half of my work hours, I think. During the other hours I’m out and about on the campus.”

But you do actually like your workspace?

“I think flexible workspaces are quite all right. One of the great advantages is that I’ll sit next to one colleague one day, and next to another the next day. As a result, I’ll stay up to date on all the various things people are focusing on. I really believe that creates added value.”

Image credit: Levien Willemse

Do you like working here?

“Absolutely. What I like best is the fact that I get to talk to a lot to people working in different places. That’s kind of vital if you wish to have some idea of what matters to people.”

Does your job have any aspects you’re less crazy about?

“If I had to pick one thing, I’d say it’s the fact that I hardly ever get to talk to professors and students. In my position, I mainly deal with support staff. Sometimes I think that’s a pity.”

What did you do before joining EUR?

“Before joining EUR I worked at the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis Hospital for thirteen years.”

Is there anything that would turn into a complete mess if you were suddenly unable to do your work for a week?

“No, nothing, really. I have written out everything I do in great detail, and there are procedures for everything, so my colleagues wouldn’t have any difficulty jumping in and doing my work for me.”