Police received reports of a quarrel taking place at the student residence complex De Snor at the Kralingse Kerklaan. Police officers found the wounded student upon entering the residence and despite their attempts, they were unable to resuscitate her.


Evidence quickly pointed to a 23-year-old Rotterdam resident living in the same complex who knew the victim. At that time he was already on his way from Rotterdam to Eindhoven. He was arrested upon his arrival at the station.

According to the newspaper Telegraaf, the American student had been living in Rotterdam for about two years. She was enrolled in the international Psychology bachelor’s programme and was in her second year.

The victim and the suspected perpetrator were housemates. A student who lives in the same student complex told EM: “He apparently had some mental health issues and was frequently a nuisance with his cello music.” According to her, the American student worked at a kebab shop in the Erasmus Food Plaza. Employees were notified on Thursday morning.

Thursday afternoon, the university will organise a closed memorial meeting at the faculty. Also, a memorial room will be opened.