The demands of #WOinActie were not met after the previous actions in September. Those involved cancelling cuts on the budget of universities, four thousand extra teachers, more instead of less money per student and more attention to workload issues.

Researcher Alessandra Arcuri of the Erasmus School of Law has emerged as the driving force behind #WOinActie at Erasmus University. She will be present in The Hague and asked colleagues to do the same. “Explain to your students why this is important and cancel your lectures. Take part in this protest! ” she called on colleagues and friends.



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Why this researcher became the driving force behind the academic protest

Interview with Alessandra Arcuri, the driving force behind the #WOinActie at Erasmus…

The Executive Board (CvB) has, after some hesitation, given its support to the protest and said that employees have the opportunity to participate in the demonstration. Teachers must, however, coordinate with their own faculties, whether their lectures go ahead or not. The members of the Executive Board will not be present in The Hague themselves. “The agendas are too full,” said a spokesperson.

The carriers of the now wellknown ‘red squares’ will gather at the Koekamp in The Hague on Friday 14 December at 13.00 hours.