On Tuesday morning, academics from Erasmus School of Law (ESL) lectured in the open air in support of #WOinActie. “The Executive Board supports the analysis and the wishes of #WOinActie,” the board of the university writes. “The bottlenecks are big and urgent. Fortunately, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Education now recognises the pressure on universities and staff and wishes to contribute, so that we can invest extra money in education.”


EUR does not support #WOinactie petition

The Executive Board is not supporting the petition for more money for university…

At the same time, the Executive Board wonders whether that intention is sufficient: “But still more money is needed to safeguard the high quality of education – and that is why we support #WOinActie.” In November, a university spokesperson said that the Executive Board didn’t support the #WOinActie petition.

Following the ESL academics, the EUROPA, the local trade union at the university, also calls on students and staff to take part in the protests. “We hope that many people at Erasmus University will follow this good example,” writes EUROPA chairman Roel Pieterman.