Every year, Elsevier draws up a ranking for the best degree programmes at Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as for the institutions themselves. This list is based on a single question from the National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquête, NSE): ‘How satisfied are students with their degree programme in general?’ The more favourably evaluated programmes offered by an institution – and the fewer negatively evaluated ones – the higher its position in the ranking.

In Wageningen, students gave 14 programmes high marks, 5 programmes received an average score, and there were 0 negative evaluations. As was the case last year, this puts Wageningen at the head of the pack – not just in the category ‘specialist universities’ but also in the overall ranking. Runner-up is Eindhoven University of Technology – winner in the ‘technical universities’ category – with a positive score for 7 of its 12 programmes.

The scores are visibly lower in the ‘broad universities’ category, since students here rate most of the programmes on offer as average. With 11 positive scores, 26 average and 8 negative evaluations, Utrecht once again leads this category. And bringing up the rear we once again find the University of Amsterdam, where 16 of the 59 programmes were poorly received by the students.

At Erasmus University, 7 programmes were given good marks, 7 programmes were judged average, and 6 received a negative evaluation.

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