Dear Gido,

What a disappointment that NSR doesn’t want to hoist a rainbow flag. A missed opportunity and painful signal towards the LGBT + community.

Of course it’s nonsense that the rainbow flag stands for a free sexual morality. The flag represents the LGBT + community and is used to show that LGBT + are welcome. Just like the ichthus symbol, the little fish you see on the back of cars. Neither does that symbol represent specific behavior or a subgroup within the Christian community.

Coming out is a struggle

Of course you are absolutely right regarding personal stories. They are most valued in a personal conversation. However, starting that conversation isn’t that easy. I grew up in a conservative Christian family and believe me: coming out and talking about sexuality is a struggle.
That’s especially the case when you come from a church where the common believe is that homosexuality is an inconvenient phase that will wear off if you are determined enough and pray really hard. Research shows that Christians are still part of the population group that has the most negative attitude towards homosexuality and bisexuality. Within such a community you don’t feel safe as LHBT+. You don’t just start a conversation.

This explicit show of support is of great importance

A raised rainbow flag stands for a welcoming environment. This explicit show of support is of great importance to the LGBT+ community. Many young LGBT+ don’t have someone to talk to when they struggle with their feelings. Especially within an association like NSR, visible support could make starting a conversation or coming out a bit easier. Raising a rainbow flag shows support for the LGBT+ community. It tells: you are welcome here.

If the main goal of an association is to carry out God’s love, wouldn’t you expect to see a rainbow flag being raised all year round?

Kind regards,


Welmer de Groot is president of Erasmus Pride, the LGBT + network at Erasmus University. If you would like to get in touch with Erasmus Pride, please send an e-mail to [email protected]