What a 20-year old Erasmus student does in a municipal council

No ads but summer memorandums and committee meetings rather than evenings spent carousing…

“It’s been quite a busy six months, particularly politically. Obviously I was disappointed that we didn’t get a second seat and I didn’t get into the council, but I did become a junior municipal council member. That means that I replace our councillor in two committees and also address those committees. I’m not in the council, but I am involved in politics and I enjoy that.”

“In one committee, I talk about issues like energy transition, sustainability and mobility. The other committee deals with big projects like the Hoekse Lijn. This means I still learn about working in politics, because I spend between twelve and twenty hours a week on it. Is it easy to combine with my studies? If everything goes to plan, I’ll be graduating on Thursday (27 September; ed.), so I’ll have to start looking for a job ha, ha.”