What a 20-year old Erasmus student does in a municipal council

No ads but summer memorandums and committee meetings rather than evenings spent carousing…

“No, I haven’t found it hard. On the contrary, I love the council work. You can really make a difference. For example, I recently received a letter from residents telling me that the play equipment in their neighbourhood had disappeared some time ago. You make two phone calls and they reappear. That’s great.”

“But it’s been pretty busy over the past six months. One advantage was that my experience in the Provincial States gave me quite a head start for some dossiers at municipal level. For other areas, such as the social domain, I had to do a lot of homework.”

“My studies are still my top priority, but I’m now studying part-time. This academic year I had compulsory lectures on Fridays, which is also States day. The university and I were unable to reach agreement, so I switched. The advantage is that I no longer have the travel time from Zeeland, but I do miss having a big stick.”


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