The overhead bridge had been covered in plastic for some time due to the refurbishment. The company that initially started the work stopped halfway through the removal. At the end of last week, their successor established that asbestos might have been released during the earlier work. Air studies show that the air is clean in the direct vicinity of the bridge. However, this is not the case in the insulation tent, so the surrounding area has been cordoned off.

What now?

“For Erasmus University Rotterdam, the safety of students and staff is paramount. Over the coming days, additional encapsulation will be applied to the overhead bridge,” says EUR. It is difficult to ascertain whether asbestos has actually been released, according to a spokesperson. Friday’s investigations showed that the air was clean.

The buildings around K.P. van der Mandeleplein are open and safe to work in. However, all entrances to these buildings from the square have been closed. It is not clear how long this situation will last. The entrances on Institutenlaan and to the south of Tinbergen Building may be used. The escape routes are also safe, says EUR.

A gate blocks the way to the overhead bridge